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Witchcraft is an ancient religion which predates recorded history. Since man witnessed his first lightning bolt, drop of rain, and spark of fire, he has sought to petition and appease those elemental forces through sacred rites. Nature is God's blueprint, and since time immemorial humanity has sought union with God and Goddess through the God and Goddess' creation: Nature.

Witchcraft is an animistic religion, meaning, we believe that all of nature has a consciousness and contains a spirit. We believe in one Eternal Spirit that first manifested itself in two polarities expressed in our God and Goddess, reflected in the heavens as the sun and the moon, and here on earth in humanity, created both male and female, in their perfect image.

There is a Witch's maxim which states "As above, So below," explained in theory of the macrocosm and the microcosm. We see the Macrocosm as being our solar system, Macrocosm meaning large cosmos, and we see the microcosm, or the little cosmos, as man, meaning that we are of small universe within a greater universe linked by the same pattern of creation.

Aleister Crowley defined Magick as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will." Magick is the highest, most absolute and divine knowledge of natural philosophy, advanced in its works and wonderful operations by the right understanding of the inward and occult virtue of things.

There is no suggestion that Magick acts by anything other than the forces of Nature, being understood and used by one whose knowledge penetrates to the hidden side of nature, and to the working of those powers commonly called occult.

What, however, is the true object of Magick? Is it to foretell the future, to gain power over others, to make talismans to work one's will for various ends, to communicate with spirits, and so on? No. To the true magician these things are incidentals. They can be done, but to pursue them as ends in themselves is to fall into the trap of black magic. They should be regarded rather as means to an end. By developing their powers, the magician or witch develop themselves. They aid in their own evolution, their growth as a human being, and in so far as they truly do this, they aid in the evolution of the human race.

However, there is a sinister side to Magick as well. Those who wish to pursue such a path, to wreak havoc, control, destroy or to interfere with the free will of another, shall receive a serious penalty for such negative work.

As Witches, we are responsible for our actions and are bound by the Wiccan Rede to work toward beneficial ends by doing all we do with love.


Bide thy Wiccan Law ye must
With Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

Eight words of Wiccan Rede fulfill,
And ye harm none, do what thy will.

Lest in thy self defense it be,
Ever, mind the Rule of Three.

Follow this with thy mind and heart,
Merry we meet and Merry we part.

The raising of the Universal Life Energy is an awe inspiring sensation. The instant we use it in a negative manner, divinity is immediately lost. When magick is used in a positive manner our lives become richer, happier and more productive.

For these reasons, we do not support negative magick. To those desirous to help better themselves and others through the ancient workings of our ancestors, we welcome you one and all!

Lady Mimi Lansou

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