We are Professional Witches and apprentices of the ancient religion of Witchcraft, sometimes known as Wicca. We are perpetual students of the occult sciences. We seek knowledge by experience and invite all to explore the ancient mysteries of our known Universe.

We have established ESOTERICA OCCULT GOODS in order to provide useful tools for both the beginner and advanced worker of Ritual Magick.

We provide a plethora of books, jewelry, altar implements, incense, oils, herbs, candles, cauldrons, talismans, tarot decks, custom made gris gris bags and custom blend potions for your purposes, together with professional and courteous guidance.

The pages within this site contain an assortment of our products and their prices for your occult needs. Information and instruction is available from noon to 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, seven days a week. Feel free to use our toll free number (866.581.7711) for your questions or to place an order.

Lady Mimi

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