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This beautifully carved three dimensional statue stands 13 inchs high. Eliphas Levis' famous depiction of the Goat of Mendes.


Brought to Medieval Europe by the 13th century Templars, Baphomet embodies the Gnostic spiritual concept of divine harmony. This piece can hang on a wall or stand freely.


She guards the Waters of Life. In Slavic oral traditions, Baba Yaga was the old crone of autumn, who lived in the last sheaf of harvested grain. Fittingly, the woman who bound that sheaf would bear a child the next spring, for the old Baba was also the guardian of the fountain of the waters of life. She was believed to row her cauldron through the air with a broom, steering with its pestal. She is a preserver of herbal knowledge and medical healing. Legend of the middle-ages transformed her to the traditional hag or witch who would steal and devour children.



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